15 Important Questions for SSC Exam CGL 2016

Important Questions for SSC Exam CGL 2016
1. First 
Municipal corporation was set-up in 1687 was
a. Bombay 
b. Calcutta
c. Allahabad
d. Madras
Correct Answer :-Madras
2. The first fully Indian Bank is
a. State Bank of India
b. Punjab National Bank
c. Central Bank of India
d. Bank of India
Correct Answer :- Punjab National Bank
3. The first Muslim president of the
Indian National Congress was
a. Sayyed Ahmed Khan 
b. Abul Kalam Azad
c. Badruddin Tayyabji
d. Md . Ali Jinnah
Correct Answer :- Badruddin Tayyabji
4. The first National Park,
established in India is
a. Guinady National park
b. Corbett National park 
c. Dudhwa National park 
d. Nagarjuna National park
Correct Answer :- Corbett National park 
5. The first Telegraph line in India
was laid between 
a. Calcutta and Agra
b. Calcutta and Bombay 
c.  Calcutta and Delhi
d. Calcutta and Madras 
Correct Answer :- Calcutta and Agra
6. The first newspaper publish in
English language in India was 
a. The Hindu
b. The Bengal Gazette
c. Young India 
d. Native Opinion
Correct Answer :- The Bengal Gazette
7. Which of the following river makes
largest delta of India ?
a. Ganga 
b. Godavari 
c. Kaveri 
d. Krishna 
Correct Answer :- Ganga 
8. Which of the following is the
longest bridge in India ?
a. Mahatma Gandhi Setu 
b. Rajiv Gandhi Setu 
c. Rabindra Setu 
d. Dhola Sadiya Bridge 
Correct Answer :- Dhola Sadiya Bridge
9. India’s largest solar power plant
has been launched in which of the following state 
a. Tamil Nadu
b. Gujarat 
c. Rajastan 
d. Madhya Pradesh 
Correct Answer :- Madhya Pradesh 
10. Who was the first Indian woman
president of the Indian National Congress ?
a. Sarojini Naidu 
b. Sucheta Kripalani 
c. Annie Besant 
d. Indira Gandhi 
Answer :- Annie Besant