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World GK Question In Hindi List No. 1 Trophies & Associated Games

Trophies & Associated Games

There so many games and trophies are distributed to the winner today in this article we collected a big list of all sports that are played all over the world and name of trophies associated with them. Check this huge list.
वर्ल्ड मेँ इतने सारे गेम खेले जाते हैँ और हर गेम के साथ एक ट्रॉफी जुडी हुए होती यह ट्रॉफी उस टीम को दी जाती है तो उस स्पोर्ट या गेम तो जीत लेती है , आज इस जनरल नॉलेज की पोस्ट में हम उन सभी गेम्स और ट्रोफिज़ के बारे में जानेंगे |

Name of the Trophies Name of the Game
American Cup Yacht Racing
Ashes Cricket (Australia-England)
Canada Cup Golf (World Championship)
Colombo Cup Football (India, Pakistan, Sri Lank and Burma)
Corbillion Cup World Tennis
Davis Cup Lawn Tennis
Derby Horse Race (England)
Grand National Horse Steeple Chase Race (England)
Jules Rimet Trophy World Soccer Cup
King’s Cup Air Races (England)
Merdeka Football (Asian)
Prince of Wales Cup Golf (England)
Ryder Cup Golf (England)
Schneider Cup Seaplane Race L’.K.
Swaything Cup World Table Tennis (Men)
Thomas Cup World Badminton
Uber Cup World Badminton (Women)
Walker Cup Golf (England)
Westchester Cup Polo (England)
Wightman Cup Lawn Tennis (Women of U.S.A. and England)
Wimbledon Trophy Lawn Tennis
Aga Khan Cup Hockey
All-India Maharaja Ranji Singh
Gold Cup Hockey
All-India Women’s Guru Nanak
Championship Hockey (Women)
Bangalore Blues Challenge Cup Basketball
Barna-Bellack Cup Table Tennis (Men)
Beighton Cup Hockey (Calcutta)
Bombay Gold Cup Hockey
Burdwan Trophy Weightilifting
Cock of the Fleet Trophy Regatta
D.C.M. Trophy Football
Dhyan Chand Trophy Hockcy
Dr. B.C. Roy Trophy National Football (Junior)
Dileep Trophy Cricket
Durand Cup Football
Ezra Cup Polo
F.A. Cup Football
I.F.A. Shield Football (Calcutta)
Irani Cup Cricket
Jaswant Singh Trophy Best Services Sportsman
Jayalakshmi Cup National Table Tennis
Championship (Women)
Kuppuswamy Naid Trophy Hockey
Lady Rattan Tata Trophy Hockey (Women)
Maulana Azad Trophy Inter-University Sports and
Moinuddowala Gold Cup Cricket
Murugapap Gold Cup Hockey
Nehru Trophy Hockey
Obaidullah Gold Cup Hockey
Radha Mohan Cup Polo
Raghbir Singh Memorial Cup Football
Rajkumari Challenge Cup Table Tennis (Junior Girls)
Ramanujam Trophy Table Tennis (Junior Boys)
Ramnivas Ruia Challenge Gold Trophy Bridge
Rangaswami Cup National Hockey
Ranji Trophy National Cricket
y Championship
Rene Frank Trophy Ho,ckey
Rohinton Baria Trophy Cricket (Inter-University)
Rovers Cup Football
Santosh Trophy National Football
ScindiaGold Cup Hockey
Sethu Cup Aquatics
Subroto Mukerji Cup Football (Inter-School)
Todd Memorial Trophy Football
Wellington Trophy Rowing