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Which country is the world’s largest tobacco producer? Be painted wolf, “What does it mean?
Yugndharyan pledge ‘drama was written by whom? Sanskrit drama Mrichcktikm ‘Who is the author of?
Which of the following scholars of Sanskrit Grammarian are famous? Who has the distinction of being the first woman Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu?
Mahabharata, Karna’s character was born of grace which God? India Diskwhri of ‘Who is the author?
Experience muscular fatigue after hard physical labor for what reason? Who is the first woman Olympic medalist?
Alphonso’s – Hans went trick crow ‘What is the meaning of the phrase?
What is the Committee? Which is the most abundant element in Earth’s?
Why ice floats on water? > UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) appointed who does?
Which of the following most of the time it takes the planet to orbit the Sun? Tee What does it mean?
Who first marathon winner? According to Karl Marx, what is the root cause of the social revolution?

भारत की नदियों के उद्‌गम स्थल origin name of Indian Rivers

rivers in India have their own importance India geography of India and it is really very important to know about their origin from where they originated here in this post of Indian GK in Hindi we are listing the name of most important rivers of India and the name of their original places from where they are originated.

भारत मेँ नदियोँ का अपना एक खास महत्व है और आपके लिए यह जानना अति आवश्यक है कि इन नदियोँ का उद्गम क्षेत्र कहाँ पर है या भारत की महत्वपूर्ण नदियोँ का उद्गम क्षेत्र का क्या नाम है इस प्रकार के प्रश्न आपको प्रतियोगिता आ की तैयारी के लिए ए तैयार कर लेना चाहिए क्योंकि नदियोँ से संबंधित प्रश्न किसी भी प्रतियोगिता परीक्षा मेँ जरुर पूछा जाता है.

origins of indian rivers from where they are coming from

भारत की नदियों के उद्‌गम स्थल origin name of Indian Rivers
गंगा नदी का उद्‌गम स्थल कौनसा है  
गंगोत्री( उत्तराखंड)
नर्मदा नदी जो अमरकटक से उद्धत होती है, वह किस राज्य में है 
मध्य प्रदेश
नासिक (महाराष्ट्र)
कुर्ग (कर्नाटक)
महाबलेश्वर (महाराष्ट्र)
सनोखवाब ग्लेशियर (तिब्बत)
चीमायुंगडुंग ग्लेशियर (तिब्बत)
यमुनोत्री (उत्तराखंड)
मिलान हिमान
जानापाव पहाड़ी (मध्य प्रदेश)
शेषनाग झील (कश्मीर)
राकस ताल (तिब्बत)
अमरकंटक की पहाड़ियां (मध्य प्रदेश)
अरावली पर्वत (राजस्थान)
सतोपंथ हिमानी
रावी नदी 
कांगड़ा जिले का रोहतांग दर्रा
बेतवा नदी 
रायसेन जिला (मध्य प्रदेश)
ताप्ती नदी 
बैतूल जिला (मध्य प्रदेश)
रायपुर जिला (छत्तीसगढ़)
माही नदी 
सरदारपुर जिला (मध्य प्रदेश)
तुंगभारदा नदी 
पछिम घाट की गंगमूल छोटी से (कर्नाटक)
टोंस नदी 
तमसा कुण्ड जलाशय
मैढना नदी 
मणिपुर की पहाड़ियों से
उभियम नदी 
उभियम झील से
पेरियार नदी 
पेरियार झील से

Important Waters falls of India भारत के प्रमुख जलप्रपात

Below is the list of very important waterfalls of India. These are just name of few famous falls found in India.

important water falls of india gk

Important Waters falls of India भारत के प्रमुख जलप्रपात
गोकक जल प्रपात
गोकक नदी
शिवासमुद्रम् जल प्रपात
कपिल धारा जल प्रपात
धुआँधार जल प्रपात
बिहार जल प्रपात
हुंडरू जल प्रपात
स्वर्ण रेखा
येन्ना जल प्रपात
नर्मदा नदी
पायकारा जल प्रपात
नीलगिरि क्षेत्र
चूलिया जल प्रपात
चंबल नदी
पुनासा जल प्रपात
अंबल नदी
कलोकत जल प्रपात

170 Gk Questions in Hindi


this post of Indian GK questions have almost 178 questions that we gather from various sources for you so that you can prepare for your examinations we try to include only the correct information in this post because our motor is not just to feel our website with garbage we want you to really participated in this website and we create each and every question just like a quiz so that you can think the answer in your mind before you actually see the correct answer this way you will able to know how much general knowledge you actually have on a particular topic of India do we always says that this website is actually best on Hindi language and all the GK question that we include in our website are in Hindi but due to the demand of questions There are several sections where we are not able to write each and every word in Hindi and we hope you will understand why this is happening on this website also but we try to write only the very easy English language I hope you will get some benefit from this website and this post particularly for your benefit b divided these 178 questions into 3 sections and each that have about 32- 35 questions in GK.

In these Gk set you will find over 170 quiz questions which belong to knowledge of India as whole.

Gk Questions set 1 in Hindi

Gk Questions set 2 in Hindi

Gk Questions set 3 in Hindi