List of major Rivers of World विश्व की प्रमुख नदियाँ

Here is the complete list of major Rivers of world


Name of the River Origin Falls in Length in KM
Nile Victoria lake Mediterranean Sea 6,690
Amazon Andes (Peru) Atlantic Ocean 6,295
Mississippi Missouri Itaska lake (USA) Gulf of Mexico (USA) 6,240 6,240
Yangtze Tibetan Kiang Plateau China Sea 5,790
Ob Altai Mts., Russia GulfofOb 5,567
Huang Ho Kunlun Mts. GulfofChibli 4,660
Yenisei Tannu.Ola Mis. Arctic Ocean 4,500
Congo Lualaba & Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean 4,370
Niger Guinea Gulf of Guinea 4,180
Mekong Tibetan highlands South China sea 4.023
Volga Voldai Plateau,  Russia Caspian sea 3.685
St. Lawrence Lake Ontario Gulf of St lawrance 3.058
Indus Near lake Mansarovar  Arabian sea 2900
Brahmputra _Lake Mansarovar Bay of Bengal 2900

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