List of Attorney Generals of India with service tenure

Name of the Attorney General Years of Service
Soli J. Sorabji 1989-90
Soli J. Sorabji 1998-2004
S V.Gupta 1977-79
Niran Dey 1968-77
Mukul Rohtagi June 2014-18 June 2017
Milan K. Baneijee 1992-96
Milan K. Baneijee 2004-2009
M. C. Sitalwad 1950-63
LN. Sinha 1979-83
K.K.. Venugopal 1 July 2017 -Present
K Parasaran 1983-89
Ghulam E. Vahanvati 2009- June, 2014
G Ramaswami 1990-92
CK. Daftari 1963-68
Ashok K. Desai 1996-98

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