Important Facts of Ancient Indian History 2500-1750 BC

Important Facts of Ancient Indian History 2500-1750 BC Detail
The incharge of archaeological excavation of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro Sir John Marshal
The writer of Mitakshra Vigyaneshwar
Harappa is located on the bank of Ravi river
Mohenjo-daro was excavated b Rakhal Das Banerjee
Father of history Herodotus Indus
The first person to provide information about Harappan civilisation was Charles Masson (1826 A.D)
The port town of Indus valley civilisatison was Lothal
The central theme of upnishdas is philosophy
The composer of Gayatri Matra Vishwamitra
The kings of Egypt were called Pharao
The bronze statue of dancing girl was found from Mohejo-Daro
The language of Rig Vedic Aryans Sanskrit
The Veda that is a collection of occult practices is Atharv Veda
The total number of Puranas (composed during Gupta period) is 18
Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to Surya Deva ( Sun god )
Satyamev Jayate’ is derived from Mundkopnishada
The river mentioned highest times in Rigveda is Sindhu
Kharosthi script was written  from right to left
Aryans came to India from Central Asia
The composer of Puranas are Lomharsh and Ugrshrwa
Harappa was excavated under the leadership of Dayaram Sahni (in 1921)
The name of The script of Indus civilisation was pictorial
The title of Persian translation of Mahabharata ( written by Veda Vyasa) Razm Namah
The main crops of Indus people were barley and wheat
Gayatri Mantra is originally from Rigveda
Mohenjo-daro is located in Pakistan
Harappan civilisation was Which age civilization bronze age civilisation
The first domesticated animal was dog
composer of ancient Hindu law Manu
Ancient Mesopotamia (modern Iraq called the land between two rivers
The first Muslim to study Puranas was AI-Biruni
Indus people were not aware of iron
Valley Civilisation was famous for well planned cities
The first invention made by early humans was fire
The holiest river mentioned in the Rigveda is Sarasvati
The pioneer of Bhagwat Dharma Krishna
Indus valley civilisation was a Proto-historical civilisation
The Veda that is considered as progenitor of Indian music is Samveda
Fire was the greatest invention of which period Palaeolithic period
Original name of mahabharata Jai Samhita
The Veda composed in both prose and poetry is Yajurveda
The exponent of shunyvad Nagarjun
The term ‘Gotra’ is mentioned in Atharv Veda
The Aryans first settled in Punjab and Afganistan
The total number of Upnishdas is 108 ( 13 authentic )
The oldest Purana is Matsyapurana
The chief source of information about the Aryans Rigveda
The people of Indus valley used to worship Mother Goddess
The main occupation of the people of Indus Valley Civilisation was agriculture
Swastika symbol first appeared in Indus civilisations
The oldest Smriti is Manusmriti
The total number of Vedas and Vedangas is 4 and 6 respectively
The oldest Veda is Rigveda ( 1028 Suktas )
Shatpath Brahman is related to Yajurveda
Aryans came into India around 1500 BC
The central theme of Brahman scriptures is religious rituals
Bhakti movement was started by Alvar saints
The most famous building found at Mohenjo Daro is a Grand bathroom
The easternmost and westernmost sites of Indus Valley Civilisation are Alamgirpur (Meerut, U.P) and Sutkagen Dor (Baluchistan, Pakistan)
The Mandala in Rigveda completely devoted to Soma is 9th Mandala
The largest building found at Mohenjo Daro is granary
The chief deity mentioned in Rigveda Indra ( Purandar )
The newest Mandala added into Rigveda 10th Mandala

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