पृथ्वी के बारे में महत्वपूर्ण तथ्य

Here we are listing some of very important facts about earth that you must know.

Some of the Important facts about Earth and its formation
Age of the earth
4,550 million years
5.976 x 10* kg.
1.083 x 102* litres
What is Mean Density
5.518 kg/litre
Equatorial diameter
12,756 km
Equatorial radius
6,377 km
 Polar diameter
12,714 km
 Polar radius
6,375 km
Equatorial circumference
40,077 km
Polar circumference
 40,009 km
Highest land point (Mt. Everest)
8,848 m.
Lowest land point (Dead Sea)
397 m.
Greatest ocean depth (Mariana Trench)
 11,033 m.
Maximum distance from the Sun (At Aphelion)
152 million km. (approx.)
Minimum distance from the Sun (At Perihelion)
147 million km. (approx.)
Total surface area
510,065,700 sq.km.
 Total Land area
 148, 647,000 sq.km
 Total Water area
61,150,000 sq.km.
Arerage Density
3 5.52(corresponding to the density of water)

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