Gk Quiz in Hindi No. 33

Quiz 33

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Which country is the world’s largest tobacco producer? Be painted wolf, “What does it mean?
Yugndharyan pledge ‘drama was written by whom? Sanskrit drama Mrichcktikm ‘Who is the author of?
Which of the following scholars of Sanskrit Grammarian are famous? Who has the distinction of being the first woman Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu?
Mahabharata, Karna’s character was born of grace which God? India Diskwhri of ‘Who is the author?
Experience muscular fatigue after hard physical labor for what reason? Who is the first woman Olympic medalist?
Alphonso’s – Hans went trick crow ‘What is the meaning of the phrase?
What is the Committee? Which is the most abundant element in Earth’s?
Why ice floats on water? > UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) appointed who does?
Which of the following most of the time it takes the planet to orbit the Sun? Tee What does it mean?
Who first marathon winner? According to Karl Marx, what is the root cause of the social revolution?

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