Gk Quiz in Hindi No. 32

Quiz 32

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Which of the following rivers drain into the Bay of Bengal? Indian had won the Nobel Prize in 1913?
Which of the following is not a descendant of the family of Ram? The Indian National Congress was founded?
Ellora cave temples built in what was the ruler? What age is related to the Harappan civilization?
Where the person is endangered Vicharskti? Sociology is the study of the following subjects are asked what subject?
Capitalistic economy with a human face is what kind of economy? Fish eyes, “for which the term is used in Hindi?
Clinker Theory ‘is associated with? Where the person is endangered Vicharskti?
Which of the following crops of the Kharif crop? Konark Sun Temple is located in which state?
X-rays “is comprised of the following do? Which of the following study ‘Numismatiks’ (numismatists) is known for?
In India, where tank warfare are made? Sanskrit drama Mrichcktikm ‘Who is the author of?
Ramayana is the name of the wife of Bharat?

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