Gk Quiz in Hindi No. 31

Quiz 31

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What period of few Brdai poet? Tripitaka ‘main work is what religion?
What two planets of the solar system’s satellites are not? PRI represents whom?
What is the abbreviation of computerized reservation inquiry system? D images using laser rays stretching method which is known?
A Bhusthai Satellite (Geo-Stationary Satelite) visits Earth Prita is how? Indian Military Academy is located where?
Prjatilekn (Enthrography) is? Yellow Revolution ‘word which is related to the mass production of the commodity?
Electric capacitance is in line with the force-current analogy? National calendar (Calendar) is?
> Where is the tomb of Akbar? What’s revolutionary British cop Captain Sanders was shot?
Most of the following behaviors, which is supposed to control? Gajren good source of vitamins which are raw?
Which Hindi litterateur his nickname ‘star Hind had? How many points are points in the binary system?
PT Usha’s autobiography is his name? What is the cause of day and night?

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