Gk Quiz in Hindi No. 29

Quiz 29

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Following gk question are covered in this quiz…auto translated

Which of the following paid status (Ascribed status) is not an example? What era poet Bihari?
Creatures which language is used to write the scientific name? Lead acid storage which is used in the cell?
How many carats is pure gold? What is the reason for the construction of the beach through the fog?
Which of the following does not split into two state Tropic of Cancer? Which of the following work is not done by the President?
Maheshwar is located where? Season-related differences are maximum –
What is the number of players in each team of volleyball? The Sun if the date 21-11-21 to 19-11-29 which was wise?
Supreme Court judge, how are deleted? Astrophysics (Astro Physics) for which Indian-born scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize?
Which of the following factors to cause disease is tuberculosis? The national mark ‘Truth always wins “is imprinted on where?
Which of the following is the first man to learn? Jagdish’s severance agreement is?
Which of the following is the world’s first electronic computer? Which of the following planets in the solar system’s most luminous planet?

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