Gk Quiz in Hindi No. 28

Quiz 28

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This quiz covers the following questions..auto translated

According to the modern concept of the law of diminishing returns applies to which of the following? Who is the author of the Mahabharata?
Which of the following fodder crop harvest? How much of the total strength of the Lok Sabha is a quorum?
Why solar cooker’s lid is made of glass? India’s major oil-producing region in the Arabian Sea Which is it?
What principle is based on fiber optics? Stars whose color is an indicator?
What power is concerned? Who is the most indebted of the Indian Constitution?
When checking the multimeter reading Open resistors What? Which of the following is a good example of social change?
Which of the following crops Kharif crop harvest? Where is the blood of the building?
Who was the first Indian to be elected in the Indian Civil Service? Which of the following works of Kalidasa hundred masterpiece world famous literary works are calculated?
Shobhana Narayan – Where is the headquarters of the United Nations?
Which planet emits green light? Which of the following is not a parameter of the Human Development Index?

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