Gk Quiz in Hindi No. 27

In this Quiz you will find all These questions, these questions are collected from various competitive exams and created a quiz based program on this website hope you will enjoy and this will help you prepare for your gk exams.

Quiz 27

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What Sthanka Muslim rulers Shadilabad name ie ‘city of joy’ had? Who developed the concept of social values?
What chapter of the Constitution in relation to the support of world peace and international security has been written? Who is the author of dramatics?
Session of Congress in which the national anthem was sung for the first time? Uttrramcrit “Who is the author of?
Which statement following statements is not true? Abhinav Bharat, which was a secret society of revolutionaries, Kinhonne was formed?
Hockey wizard Major Dhyan Chand’s autobiography is his name? Which of the following is related to football trophy?
According to the economics of clean air, sea water, etc. What kind of things are things? Depending on the language of the States Reorganisation Commission when the State was formed?
There are many sections of society, according to Karl Marx? > Oil mixture –
Which of the following is the correct spelling? Which of the following ports of the world’s coffee port (Coffee Port) is known as?
Dry cell in which the anode is made of? Cooley Which of the following is not the primary group?
Which of the following is not a function of the central bank? Surabhi ‘What does it mean?
Which of the following fundamental rights defenders serves as / is / are?  

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