All Important Dates of World and Why they are important

Date Importance
1 Oth December Human Rights Da\
1 st December World AIDS Day
1 st May International Labor Day
11th July World Population Day
12th August International Youth Day
12th June World Child Labor Prevention Day
12th May International Nurse Day
14th November Diabetes Day
15th March World Consumer Rights Day
15th May International Family Day
16th Octobcr World Food Day
16th September World Ozone Day
17th May World Telecommunication Day
19th August World Photography Day
1st October International Day of Older Persons
20th February World Social Justice Day
21 st June World Yoga Day
21 st September World Peace Day
21st March World Forestry Day
22nd April Earth Day
22nd March World Water Day
23rd April World Book and Copyright Day
23rd March World Weather Science Day
24lh May Commonwealth Day
24th March World T.B Day
24th October United Nations Day
26th January International Custom day
27th September World Tourist Day
31 st May Tobacco Prevention Day
3rd May Freedom of Press Day
4th February World Cancer Day
4th October World Animal Welfare Day
5th June World Environment Day
6th August Hiroshima Day
7th April World Health Day
8th March International Woman’s Day
8th May World Red Cross Day
8th September World Literacy day
9th August Nagasaki Day
9th October World Post Day
IStli April World Heritage Day

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